What We Do.  

Are your financials a mess?  Seeking bank financing?  Pitching a new client?  Interested in understanding financial terminology better?  Need help fine-tuning your project costs, projections and plan... and figure out how to finance it all?  Tell us about it.  We can absolutely help.  


Because no two businesses are the same.
Working with Skopos gets the job done faster and with less headaches. We deliver customized, quality and honest work that achieves your business and personal goals.  We have successfully navigated bureaucracy, built partnerships, assessed project feasibility, created business plans and worked with lenders to de-risk projects.

Our pricing is flexible. 
Most importantly, as entrepreneurs, we get the value of bootstrapping and do everything with a conscious eye on the dollar.  
Our team is experienced at translating your goals into step-by-step action plans so you're getting the most bang for your buck.



We divide our advisory work into 3 phases.


Discover & Explore

First, we start with YOU to understand your business vision and personal goals.  Next we dig into your financial health and crunch a few numbers together to see what we're working with. 

Financial diagnosis
Hurdles + O
Current executive summary
What does success look like in 2-5 years?

Financial training + education

Organize & Plan

Next, we start cleaning house to ensure your cash position and finances are in top shape.  Armed with a meaningful plan and realistic projections, we can starting getting you out of survival mode.


Cost-saving opportunities 
Revenue-generating opportunities
Financial system in place
Project and milestone budgeting
Draft dashboard of key metrics
Financial training + education

Implement & Iterate

With a solid financial foundation in place, it's time to really tackle those growth projects we've been thinking about!  We get the financing you need and the resources in place for the project plan. 

5-star financial package
Connect to debt or equity capital
Business (sales) development
Financial training + education


Workshops, Speakers + Events


In addition to our core consulting work, our network comes together to share, demystify and answer questions surrounding small business finance, debt, bookkeeping, working capital and more.  Here's a list of some of our topics.  If you're curious to see the full Skopos Course Catalog, click here!

Want a custom workshop?  We'd love to explore that for you, too!  Email elli@skoposnyc.com. 

  • 5-Star Loan Readiness
  • The Art + Science of Small Business Credit
  • The Cost of Capital
  • Financial Statement Basics
  • The Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Bookkeeping Basics
  • Lean Business Model Canvas 101
  • Business Finance for Business Owners