Our Team.


Skopos is a NYC-based collective of experienced, connected and resourceful small business advisors.  Our purpose is to get you closer to your business running smoothly and financially healthy.  (Read more about what we do here.

We are passionate about our work with business owners and their teams, and strive to produce exceptional work together.  After all, helping you helps us make our neighborhoods more vibrant places to live and work!


Meet The Skopos Team

Elli Papadopoulos 
For over 10 years, Elli has worked with small businesses to organize their ideas and connect them to capital.  Because owners have a tough time keeping up with financial, operational and management demands, Elli set out on a mission to pioneer a new breed of business consulting...
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Amy Collins
Amy is a consultant specializing in economic development and data analytics. With 7 years of experience in financial analysis and small business lending, Amy enjoys transforming financial chaos into clarity and empowering mission-driven organizations to increase their effectiveness.

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Skopos Talent Roster  


Skopos has a roster of talent that we turn to for specific guidance at the moment you need it.  This advisory team consists of practicing entrepreneurs, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, financiers, foodies, brand designers and thinkers with unique expertise in a variety of fields.  


Mary brings her ability to engage and connect people, design systems and tell people's stories.  She grew up in a small family farm business in Kansas that is still operating today and sees small businesses as the backbone of our communities...
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Lloyd J. Cambridge
A Brooklyn-based entrepreneur, Lloyd's mission is to transform the learning experience for entrepreneurial teams.  His newest venture, Progress Playbook, creates customized learning plans to equip entrepreneurs and their teams.  Lloyd's career started as an analyst and underwriter at JP Morgan Chase... 
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Seth Burroughs 
Seth hails from the state of New Hampshire which, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, makes him a “sturdy lad.” After attending the Wharton School of Business, he moved to New York City to pursue the financing and building of consumer brands. 
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