Seth Burroughs

Seth Burroughs hails from the state of New Hampshire which, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, makes him a “sturdy lad.” After attending the Wharton School of Business, he moved to New York City to pursue the financing and building of consumer brands.

When he is not hiking or traveling the world to find the next undeveloped beach, he oversees business development and strategy for well known fashion and jewelry brands for Xcel Brands, a publicly traded media, design, brand management and licensing company that he helped launch in 2011. Prior to Xcel, Seth spent a decade financing and growing consumer brands in various sectors including fashion, jewelry, retail and quick-service restaurants. His successes have given him great experience and confidence, and the challenges have given him perspective, wisdom, and humility. Seth is a member of Enterpreneur Organization (EO) in New York City.

Seth’s Skopos is to build businesses through a combination of intelligence, passion, and the ability to engage customers in an authentic conversation, and enjoys helping fellow passionate entrepreneurs connect with their customers and grow their brands.