Who makes up your Business Trilogy?

In my 15 years working with small business owners, there is one common thread among them all, and that's access to The Business Trilogy:  A business advisor, a CPA and an attorney.  While Skopos will act as your business advisor, we also have a fantastic network of CPAs and attorneys we can connect you to - just ask!!  

Business Advisor is the person/team you turn to when you need to review and understand your numbers, bounce ideas, explore opportunities, determine the resources needed and help get your projects to completion.  (If you don't have one and need one, you should really reach out to us!)

CPA/Accountant is critical when it comes to reviewing your books for the IRS, understanding tax liabilities and benefits, and is often a reality check to confirm financial questions and assumptions.   While some CPAs help you understand your numbers and clean up your books (ie, you receive compiled financial statements), they usually only do so annually and only if you instruct them.  Frankly, your bookkeeping system should be set up so you can do this yourself!

Your Attorney is key to reviewing leases and contracts, negotiating best terms for you and ensures you are legally protected.  S/He will advise you of all available options and enable you to make the right decisions whether it concerns your new lease, a patent issue, corporate organization, getting a bank loan or dealing with investors. The right kind of attorney will communicate well, take the time to understand your business needs and will represent your best interests.