WeWork Event :: Growing Your Business with Google Partners

Earlier this week, I ventured off to WeWork's Soho office for a Google Online Marketing class hosted by An Abstract Agency.  Victor Ramirez, Abstract's Director, got us started with some Google vids about how to grow business by maximizing Google's adwords platform.  

Before I talk about some of the information I learned, I wanted to share this powerful video from Google about "Micro-Moments" and how, as consumers, we're so plugged into technology.  

Some insights gained that I thought were interesting as they pertain to small/local business:

  • Case Study:  Kathy breaks the glass carafe of her Bodum French Press.  She goes online and finds it on Amazon for $24.99.   Kathy buys from Amazon because:
    (1) She figures the local store up the street sells it for $40.
    (2) She has experienced frictionless buying from Amazon, despite the 2-5 day delivery. 
    The local retailer could have captured Kathy's sale on/offline, but they failed to compete by not understanding and actively reaching out to their customers on/offline. 
  • Business owners should be using Google My Business to verify the information Google has on record and optimize local adwords.  
  • Geo-targeting statistic:  72% of customers who use their cell phone to purchase a product in closest proximity actually follow through with the sale.   

Overall, Google characterized a businesses SEO (and broader marketing efforts) to:

  1. Create awareness of the business, its product offerings, niche and value
  2. Get a customer to consider the business.  The business must continue to create a relationship with the customer to earn his/her business.
  3. Win the customer purchase.