BMW moves in to the 'Burg.

You do have to wonder how it’s even possible anymore to operate a venue that doesn’t have massive financial backing. Coming from a punk rock/DIY background personally, to see venue after venue basically fall victim to the same developer/price-you-out scenario is really depressing. And as a native New Yorker, it pisses me off even more to see how unrecognizable this city has, and continues to, become.
— Belvy Klein. Co-founder, Brooklyn Night Bazaar

I'm on a mission to help the little guy thrive.  But perhaps basic feasibility is not enough because commercial realtors can tilt a business's model with priced-out rent rolls that only the 800-pound gorillas can afford.  

Courtesy of the, here's another example of a great  cornerstone of Brooklyn artistic culture and community innovation, Brooklyn Bazaar, that helped to build a property's valuation and then gets the landlord boot for BMW.  I wonder how much the new rent is.