Introducing... Skopos!!

I'm super stoked...  This is the very first post for the Skopos blog!!  

So what is Skopos?  The word itself is Greek, and means purpose, aim, goal, target.  All of us represent a purpose; who we are, who we want to be and the dreams we'd like to achieve.  We all have different personal desires and goals.  Oftentimes, they are ever-changing.  But we know that we achieve our desires and goals, we feel good and happy.  Mahatma Gandhi puts it another way: "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."

In business (and life), what we think, decide and believe in should get us closer to our goals and vision.  This motivation and the drive to achieve our purpose is what we call skopos.  Skopos is our reason for being and doing.

In the context of this blog and what we do as a company, our skopos is to work with business owners to:
1.  Stabilize your day-to-day functions
2.  Explore growth opportunities
3.  Collaborate with other stakeholders
4.  Keep business running smoothly. 

We do so by working with ambitious business owners that want to improve their financial system, reinvent their business model, access capital, seek new opportunities or instill a renewed sense of growth.  But first, we start with your own skopos to ensure your purpose is front and center.